Driving is a skill that improves with time and regular practice. Whether you are a youngster or someone in the late years of their life, there is no age for getting enrolled in driving training. If you are an amateur who wishes to learn how to drive or someone who wants to get behind the wheel and polish their driving skills, Globe Driving Academy is your reliable driving school in SE Calgary that has specialized training courses which help perfect your skills. We have an in-house team of training experts with years of experience in teaching professional driving lessons to numerous students.

Here are some of the top reasons which make Globe Driving School the best choice among driving school in Calgary!

  • Conveniently Located: As you are on your hunt for choosing the right driving school for yourself, make sure to consider its location. Selecting a school that is far away from your place and inaccessible without personal transportation only means you will be skipping your classes more often as you will find it hard to reach.

Globe Driving Academy is situated in SE Calgary, which is near Glenmore Tr., and easily accessible by areas including Highriver, Okotoks, and Chestermere. This makes it your ideal certified driving partner to learn and enhance your skills.

  • Professional Instructors: Globe Driving Academy has a team of professional and experienced driving instructors who are renowned for offering an elevated learning experience to the newbie. Whether you want to brush up your skills or prepare for a full-fledged road test, our training instructors will guide you through the modules and develop confidence for a safe driving time.

Our driving instructors ensure abiding by the country’s laws which means proper safety rules are taken care of.  We are an empowered team of responsible drivers proficient in courses, including Class 1 training, Truck driving training, etc. Our driving school is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment that are sure to make you into a professionally trained driving expert. We have an in-depth especially designed curriculum that helps you develop knowledge about driving and the right ways to do it.

  • Comprehensive Training Modules For Major Driving Courses: We are your reliable driving training services partner in Calgary that understands the ins and outs of driving. Globe Driving Academy ensures that you do not have to look elsewhere for different types of training programs. We offer a wide array of driving training programs that ensures a comprehensive approach. Our learning programs include:
  • Class 1 (MELT) Program
  • Class 2 (MELT) Program
  • Class 3 Training
  • Class 5 (Car Driver Training)
  • Air-Brake Training (Q-Endorsement)
  • Demerit Reduction Course
  • Alberta Transportation Certified Recognized: Another significant reason to choose us as your trusted driving learning companion is that we are recognized and certified by Alberta Transportation, which is a government organization. We maintain the highest standards when it comes to the quality of driving programs in Calgary. If you are looking for a professional driving school that offers a promising experience by helping you secure credentials helpful in the future.
  • Flexible Timing Schedule: At Globe Driving Academy, we understand that in this busy life, it becomes hard for people to take out their time and dedicate it to learning a new skill. We believe that the students must be able to give proper attention and focus to their driving training We provide flexible timings for driving learning classes that help you manage your professional and personal lives while also enabling you to master your driving skills. Our expert team is always there for you to offer you the highest levels of convenience in your driving sessions by allowing you to schedule your classes as per your convenience.
  • Understand The Traffic Rules: You get to learn from a professional driving coach who is well-versed with all the important traffic rules. This guarantees a safe on-road experience to the learners as we teach you about all the road signs that you were probably unaware of. In addition to that, we help you learn how to drive when there is heavy traffic on the road. We make sure to instill much-needed confidence in you and eliminating any sign of panic or anxiety from your mind.
  • Personalized Training Sessions: We are highly admired by our students for providing that extra bit of attention and training to those who require it. The skilled driving instructors in our team are known for delivering a satisfactory experience to the students as we offer one-on-one training classes where you get to clear out all your doubts directly from the professionals. This helps in mastering the driving concepts while and gaining the much-needed, making your every driving class a successful investment.
  • Affordable Prices: Globe Driving Academy believes in providing its students with the highest levels of driving learning experience at budget prices. Our driving school provides valuable training modules that help you learn the tactics of driving easily and with precision. You get to access the best driving facilities and learn from experienced professionals at cost-effective prices. After all, learning how to drive must not explode your budget.
  • Trusted Services: Our driving academy is highly admired by students for a safe learning experience. We cater to people of all age groups, from young to elderly. This makes us among the top choices when it comes to driving school in Calgary. Our esteemed customer base is the testimony for a satisfactory experience as we offer unparalleled driving training programs. We are committed to providing you with an elevated experience in your training sessions for personal and professional purposes. Globe Driving Academy is enabled with a high-class driving infrastructure that ensures a fulfilled experience for the learners.

So, stop looking and enroll in one of our driving courses now and become a master in driving! Visit our office in Shepard Business Park SE Calgary near the intersection of Glenmore and Stoney Trail.