When you first buy a new car, you take care to practice defensive driving and research ways to lower your auto insurance premium. But you may forget to keep up with your car’s regular maintenance schedule—thinking that maintenance isn’t a necessity unless your car shows signs of serious problems. so Make Regular Car Maintenance a Priority.

While a lot of people think in those terms, you shouldn’t make this mistake. Failing to perform regular car maintenance on your vehicle can lead to a variety of serious accidents and expensive repair bills down the road. Here are three reasons why this is the case.

Worn Brakes

Can you imagine the damage that could be caused if you step on the brakes and the car couldn’t stop? Worn brakes can cause accidents that injure you (the driver) and third-party motorists.

Having your brakes checked periodically is always a good idea. If they need to be repaired, then you don’t want to let this go unaddressed for long. You always want to make sure your brakes are doing their job as intended. If you hear a grinding sound when you brake, your brakes have been worn down to the rotors.  best air brake course Calgary,  At this point, you should get your brakes replace immediately as there is no guarantee they won’t feel at any moment.

Old Tires

You are moving at high speeds on the highway. Then, your car starts to wobble as cars pass you in the next lane. Out of nowhere, one of your tires rips apart at the seams. Tire blowouts happen all the time—tires can only take so much wear, tear, and stress before they go bad.

Not only did you ignore the diminishing tread but you never checked the pressure of your tires either. With the car swerving, it is difficult to avoid cars in other lanes. If you had changed this bad tire, back when you were supposed to, you might not have lost control of your car.

Defective Wipers

Rain is pouring outside and visibility is low as rain pounds your windshield. You have your wipers on, but they are not able to do much to improve your view of the road— mostly because you haven’t changed them in the last three years. So, when you need them most, they are not working as they were intended. You can see the wear on your wiper blades with just a quick inspection. As soon as you see a tear forming on the blade, you should get rid of them. It doesn’t take long for the entire structural integrity of the blade to fail once part of it cannot maintain contact with the windshield.

As easy and cheap as it is to change out your windshield wipers, this is one piece of car maintenance that you will want to perform in the future. Some franchise body shops will offer cheap or even free wipers with an oil change. Take advantage of this easy fix to make sure your wipers are ready for the next storm on the road.


If you’re putting off car maintenance due to financial concerns, you can save money by performing basic auto maintenance at home. Head here for tips on some easy DIY auto care projects. If you are looking for a driving school Calgary Globe academy is one of the best options.