Manual (Standard)  Truck Transmission Overview

Every vehicle in the world changes gear while being driven on the road. While Auto transmission vehicles change gear automatically, in the standard (manual truck) we have to do it ourselves i.e it’s the responsibility of the driver to upshift or downshift depending upon the speed of the vehicle. Higher the speed, we need to upshift and while speed is decreasing we need to downshift.

 Manual Truck Transmission Explained

Components of manual truck

  1. Clutch
  2. Brake
  3. Gas (Accelerator)
  4. Gear Lever i   Range Selector
  5. Splitter
  6. Gauge  :     RPM       10   and     15
  7. Speed : On the odometer

When we press Clutch  :       Disengages Engine and Transmission

Engine                         Transmission                   Tire

If range selector Down                                               If range selector UP

R                      1                      3                      R                      5                      7


N                                                                      N


L                      2                      4                      L                      6                      8 

How to Start

Park Brake applied                  Gear:N                        Press Clutch

Move : I Cover Foot Brake ii   Release park brake    iii. Press  clutch

iv     Then go to 1st or 2nd gear

(Imp)   :         Clutch and Gas not at the same time

Friction/Meeting Point     :                  Release foot brake

After releasing clutch give Gas           :           (No Clutch Riding)

No Gear Shifting:        Railway Track , Turn/Curve, Steep Downhills like BC hills


When we give gas RPM Goes up when at >=15 shift to higher gear

Then RPM Drops to 10 shift to a higher gear


If we slow down AND RPM drops to <=10 SHIFT TO Lower gear



  1. Double Clutch

We press 2 times clutch during the process of gear shifting. First time when we out the gear to neutral  and then we in (neutral to the gear

  • Single Clutch


  • Without Clutch


  1. Clutch Riding


  1. FRICTION/Meeting



When we speed up then we need the higher gear means if I was driving 10 km/h and now want to go at 15 km/h I need 1 higher gear and so on

Upshifting Steps

  1. At 15 RPM Hand on Gearlever
  2. Release Gas à      Press Clutch      à  Gear to Neutral
  3. RPMs around 10 RPM             à       Higher Gear

(If it takes longer to shift gear and RPM  <<10      then give gas )


Upshifting                               15ß—————————–à10

                                                Out                                          In


When we have to slow down while driving when say red light is ahead or a stop sign is coming or whatever reason,  we need to go to lower gear and this process of lowering of gears in motor vehicle is called Downshifting.

Downshifting Steps 

The vehicle is slowing down

  1. RPMs at 10 Hands on Gear lever hold firmly (pull/push)
  2. Release gas à  Press Clutch      à        Gear to Neutral
  3. Release clutch àGive gas to >=15 RPM
  4. Put to lower gear (Clutch Optional)


Imp:     1. Always stop in gear

  1. Do downshifting if enough space/time otherwise stop in any gear with clutch

If no clutch Engine will stop.

  1. Once stop in any gear then N and start from 1st or 2nd gear
  2. No gas(race) when stop only clutch for shifting


Down Shifting :          10  ß—————————-15>

Out             Gas                        in


Manual Transmission (F.A.Qs )

  1. How should I stop at Intersection

(Clutch, Gear or BRAKE)

Press clutch and brake. AND Gear should be in 2nd gear when starting/when light turns green


  • My Gear was grinding: Why

Could be one of the following reasons

  1. RPMs not matching
  2. Gear position was not correct


  • Can I change gear at Intersection?

Only when going straight i.e we cant change gear while turning

  • During Downhill/Uphill parking what gear should I use

Downhill:        Reverse

Uphill:        Lowest gear (1st or 2nd)


       5   What was the reason my truck stopped (because I could not change gear)

            on the road and now what is the solution


  1. Explain matching of 10 and 15 RPMs

What gear we drive (means in which gear we are in at a particular time)  is proportional to speed i.e at high speed we should in higher gears and when speed is slow we should be in lower gears

  1. Upshifting

When We are trying to up the speed and

             RPMSs  >=15          à     System asks for one higher gear

Foot off gas pedal and  Press clutch and put gear in neutral

RPMs  <=10    Put gear in one higher gear

  1. Downshifting

When we are trying to lower the gear (slowing down the vehicle) and

RPMs <=10      à       System asks for one lower gear

Foot off gas pedal and press clutch and put gear in neutral and release clutch and give gas

RPMs >=15     Put gear in one lower gear



  1. What damages the system (Engine) Most



  1. What is a range selector/splitter? When to use it


  1. What’s the meaning of 13 speed /18 speed transmission



  1. What’s synchronized and unsynchronized transmission
  2. How to use half gear