Class 5 Training

Car driving training provided by the best driving school

Class 1 license training

Globe Driving school, Calgary, the leading truck driving school provides the best driving lessons.

Class 2 license training

Class 2 training provided in Calgary by an experienced instructor.

Class 3 Training

Top-notch lessons in bobtail training

Driving school Calgary-Globe Driving School

The leading and established Driving School  Calgary providing Car, Bus, Truck, MELT, Defensive Driving and Air Brake Courses in SE Calgary, High River, Okotoks, Chestermere and nearby Alberta areas.


Air Brake Training (Q-Endorsement)


Truck Driver Training (Class 1)


Bus Driver Training (Class 2)


Car Training (Class 5)


Defensive Driving Course


MELT Classes

We Are Open 5 Days A Week

Globe Driving School is open Monday to Friday, from 0900 AM to 0500 PM. Pl. Call or email us @  to get in touch with us.


Class 1 License Training

Truck Driving schooll are provided to students who want to get Class 1 MELT License and already have a Class 5 license.

Car Driver Lessons

Class 5(Car Driver) lessons are provided to newcomers and anybody over 16 years of age who want to drive car in Calgary.

Air Brake Course

Q-Endorsement training is provided to drivers who want to drive vehicles equipped with Air Brakes

Defensive Driving Course

Also called demerit reduction Course classes and Insurance reduction course are conducted every week in SE Calgary

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Approved Courses from Alberta Transportation for Getting a Driving License

We provide Alberta Transportation Certified Courses by experienced staff and instructors :


Class 1 (MELT) Program


Class 2 (MELT) Program


Class 3 Training


Class 5 (Car Driver Training)


Q-Endorsement Training


Demerit Reduction Course

Driving School Calgary – Our Driving Courses

Alberta Transportation Certified Driving courses are provided to the residents of Calgary and nearby areas like HighRiver, Okotoks, and Chestermere by the premier driving school in SE Calgary.

Why Choose Globe Driving School

Driving School Calgary has trust in conveying incredible qualities to our clients by providing value for money. Moreover, we cover all parts of defensive driving, to give you our best driving training like a particular driving course with adaptable planning, preparation, and significantly more. You can furthermore download notes for proficient driving style from our driving class. You will view our Driver Training Institute Calgary as a trustworthy, committed, and beautiful group, and we are certain that under our expert guidance, you will be a protected driver right away. Discover the reason why our students say that we are the top-rated driving school in Calgary, Alberta.


Basic of Driving

Driving instructors at Globe Driving school will help you become familiar with Alberta road laws to keep you, your passengers, and other vehicles around you safe.


Communication With Traffic

Our Driving teachers prepare you to negotiate in heavy traffic and to properly identify and follow road signs and signals.


Safety Tips

Expert driver training provides professional driving techniques and tips to drive safely on the roads of Calgary and Alberta and avoid a collision at all costs.


Classroom Coaching

Well Equipped ClassRoom for training students of MELT (Class 1 and Class 2), Air Brake (Q-Endorsement), Demerit Points and Insurance reduction Course.

Convenient and Safe

Located in SE Calgary near Glenmore Trail providing safe driving tips.

Modern Tools & Courses

Latest model vehicles and Alberta Tranportation Certified Courses. 

Professional Driving Instructor's Team

Experienced Driving trainer’s dedicated to providing the best possible Driver Training  

Best Safety Measure

We are providing affordable Driving Classes, Air Brake courses, and Truck driving Classes and also guide students on how to Get a driving license in Calgary.

Flexible Timing

Are you a working professional and want morning-evening driving classes in Calgary, don’t worry Globe Driving Academy Schedules classes according to you.

Affordable Fee

Globe Driving Academy offers driving lessons at an affordable price so hurry up call now and get a 20% discount.


Learn the Finesse in DRIVING WITH GLOBE DRIVING Academy 

Get behind the wheel and master the art of driving with the help of our expert instructors at Globe Driving School, located in the SE Quadrant, an Alberta Transportation certified. With years of experience, we are helping new drivers gain confidence in the road test, which is a daunting task for many out there.

We have a variety of driving courses with different timelines and fee structures. This enables our students to choose the program that fits their requirements. We understand that sometimes people are under a time constraint. Thus, we do our best to help the students with an enhanced learning experience to ensure that we can inculcate the precision of driving in them within a limited period.

A personal tutor is assigned to each student to monitor a safe learning environment. We believe in giving 100% of our focus to each one of our students so that new drivers pass their test on the first try. Assessments are also conducted regularly for an in-depth analysis of driving skills. This assures that you get to become a smooth driver helps you understand the laws of driving, and makes you into an ethical driver.

Our students with practical driving lessons, preparation for road tests, and the unique training strategies, making us a renowned name. We are highly trusted by students to help them learn the finest driving practices. Most of our former students who took driving lessons would definitely recommend us. Experienced drivers looking for Additional professional training can get brush-up lessons.

Become A Skilled Driver

Put an end to your relentless search for an established driving school, that has the well known team of instructors. We believe in helping students with well-structured courses to develop the perfect driving skills and help them learn the finest techniques to enhance their on-road experience. We are experienced experts certified by Alberta Transportation, delivering top-notch practical results. This ensures ethical drivers with a smooth driving experience and also maintains efficiency.

Top Reasons For Choosing Globe Driving School

  • We are the leading Calgary driving school with different driving courses for students
    A wide area for a comfortable learning experience for truck training.
  • We are well-equipped with the best training tools and the latest model of vehicles.
  • Upon enrolling in our courses, you are assigned a driving instructor who guides you throughout your learning period to prepare for the road test.
  • We, ensure that all the students who learn to drive from us are able to drive safely. The professionals in our team help the students by providing individual assistance.
  • We ensure teaching driving lessons by abiding by the laws of the country.
  • You get to attain MELT Truck Training (Class 1) with one of the licensed institutes also provide insurance reduction certificates and defensive driving courses.
  • We are highly recommended by our students since learning to drive from us also helps you enjoy a possible insurance reduction, making it a worthy investment.

Why rely on a professional driving school?

If you are reliant on top driving school i.e. the Globe Driving School, you are surely going to get more comfortable behind the wheel. Also, you are going to feel a lot safer than you would while learning to drive on your own. Well, that’s not it; you would also know more about the driving principles and how to handle any driving situation that might arise on the road.

There are a good number of laws that notably govern the way you drive. Such laws never stay constant, and thus, you might witness that they keep on changing gradually. Having the certified instructors with you shall always keep you updated with the significant driving laws prevalent currently.

There lies a whole lot of difference between learning driving from videos and experiencing it. Live driving lessons would help you stay calm and controlled during any mishap that might happen on the road. A driving school would improve your notable driving skills with no shortcomings.

Why is there even a need for you to worry about driving if you have professionals in the driving industry to assist you?

Contact us now and get the finest driving lessons with no hassle.

I highly recommend everyone to join this school for any driving training. I am so satisfied to have taken a driving course from them for my class one license. Cheap and affordable driving classes specializing in Teenage Adults and nervous new drivers.


It was a wonderful experience to get driver training lessons from Globe Driving School, Calgary. My instructor was Sarang who is brilliant in teaching you classes. I got my Driving license on my first chance. 10 hrs of one-on-one driving lessons with a patient and friendly instructor, to help me sharpen my driving skills and become a better driver.

Gill Saab

The practical brush-up classes were also really good, all the Driving Instructors were really helpful and friendly. They explained everything in great detail with patience and time. I also cleared my Driving Test on the 1st go. Highly recommend it to those who are looking for top-notch driver education courses close to me in Calgary, Alberta.


I was looking for driving lessons near me and had a nice experience getting my Driver’s license from Globe Driving School. I recommend this driver training institute to anyone to pass the advanced road test and looking to get any class of Alberta driver’s license.

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Driving School Calgary-FAQs

Where can I find Driving school near me in SE Calgary ?

Globe Driving School is located in the Shepard Industrial Park in S.E. Calgary. 9777 Enterprise Way, close to the intersection of Glenmore and Stoney Trail in the SE Quadrant of Calgary, two of the major highway roads of Calgary, in the province of Alberta. If you are coming from the SE or SW Calgary communities of Silverdaro, Walden, Cranston, Auburn Bay, Sundance, Bridlewood, Somerset, or Evergreen, you need to take Stoney Trail East ( Ring Road Calgary) and then Glenmore East to take affordable and cheap driving classes and lessons close to me in Calgary.

When are your Class 1 MELT classes held ?

Class 1 MELT classroom theory runs the third week of each month.  Classes will run in the first week for the north office and the third week for the south office. For confirmation of availability and booking, please call 587-968-1616

Why Globe Driving School is the best choice for driver training in Calgary ?

1. We are Alberta Transportation certified Driving School.
2. Experienced and friendly staff and instructors
3. Spacious government-approved yard for Truck Training
4. Latest-model vehicles for class 5 driver training.
5. High pass percentage of students

6. All our training and instruction is completed with safety as a top priority

7. Driving classes by driving instructors make sure you improve driving skills, pass the road test and get the best driver education.


How much do driving lessons cost in Calgary?

We  have different packages for Car (Class 5), Truck Training, MELT Classes (Class 1 and Class 2), Insurance reduction and brush-up courses. Plz contact 587 968 1616 to know about more details.

How much does class 1 MELT training cost ?

Globe Driving Academy, the best truck driving school Calgary, Alberta provides different packages starting from $8950.00 plus GST, to suit each individual’s needs and skill level. Please contact the office for our full fee schedule

How much does Class 5 driver training cost?

At Driving School Calgary, we offer one of the most competitive rates in Calgary for our Class 5 Insurance Reduction Program. At a cost of $575.00 plus GST, students will complete 15 hours of classroom training (an online option is available through a third-party provider for an extra fee of $60.00) and 10 hours of in-car, one-on-one training with and licensed and experienced instructor

Does your school provide free pick-up and drop-off for Class 5 driver trainees ?

Our office location is in Shepard Business Park SE Calgary and nearby we have other industrial areas like East Shepard industrial, Foothills Industrial Park, GreatPlains and Starfield. Car driving (Class 5 students) of nearby SE Calgary Alberta neighbourhoods of Forest Lawn, Erinwoods, Dover, Applewood or Copperfield can arrange with their driving instructor to be picked up from the designated spot.

What other incentives your school has ?


  • We have male and female driving instructors whose top priority is to improve your driving skills and confidence level behind the wheel.
  • We offer both Insurance Reduction and Demerit Reduction Courses.
  • We offer Winter Driving Courses.
  • Brush-up driving lessons are provided on an hourly basis.