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What is Class 3 License in Alberta

With a Class 3 license, you can drive a single motor vehicle with 3 or more axles. A Class 3 driver can drive a Class 1, 2, 4 or 6 vehicles, as a learner only and also any motor vehicle a class 5 license holder can drive.

At the same time you cannot drive a vehicle with a seating capacity of more than 15 persons (including the driver) and also class 3 license holders can not transport passengers for money. A semi-trailer can not be driven with this license.

How do I get my class 3 license in Clagary,Alberta

You need to fulfill the following conditions to get a class 3 license in Calgary, Alberta
1. Over the age of 18 years and must possess Alberta’s Class 5 license(non-GDL)
2. Complete class 3 training from a recognized driving school, Globe Driving School
3. Pass the written knowledge class 3 test
4. Must have Q-Endorsement( passed Air Brake course)
5. Pass the Class 3 road test

Who needs to do class 3 License Training

Class 3 license training is designed to help drivers in the construction, gravel, concrete and oil industries. Class 3 allows the licensed driver to drive a truck with two axles and towing vehicles with limited gross vehicle weight. Dump trucks, tow trucks, garbage and recycling trucks, cement trucks, as well as mobile truck cranes could be driven by class 3 licensed drivers.

Why Globe Driving School is best Class 3 driving School in CALGARY

Led by an experienced driving instructor with years of experience at Globe Driving School, an established driving school in Calgary that has trained and mentored hundreds of class 3 students. Qualified and experienced professional instructors are always ready to help new drivers who want to complete their driver training. Latest-model trucks are available to train the aspirants.

What are the course contents and cost of Class 3 driver training at Globe Driving School, Calgary

At Globe Driving School, the leading truck driving school in Calgary,  we offer hourly as well as the following courses :

Basic Class 3 course :

10 Hrs: In truck training:

Pre-trip: Under the Hood Inspection, Circle Check, Air Brake,  Driving, Reversing
8.5 Hrs: Air Brake Course

Extended Course :
20 Hrs: In truck training
8.5 Hrs: Air Brake Course

Hourly rates are $100 for a minimum of 2 hrs period.
Class 3 road test permit is not included in the fee.

For more information pls visit our office in Shepard Business Park, on Enterprise Way SE near the intersection of Glenmore and Stoney Trail in SE Calgary.

 What are the Class 3 Road Test Components 

Students , in order to get Class 3 Truck Driving license, need to demonstrate professional Driving Skills to Alberta Government Certified Commercial Driver Examiner.

Road Test Components of Class 3 Road Test in Alberta:

Duration :  90 Minutes (with Air Brakes)

A  Pretrip Inspection:  Including Under the hood, Student gives running commentary in English while checking Vehicles’s Components. Commment on the items being inspected and actions being performed.

B   Driving :  Professional Driving skills are tested on the Road, where vehicle is driven on various intersections, City Roads and Highways. Driving period may vary from 30 to 50 minutes depending upon the route, Traffic and Road Conditions at that time of the day. Generally, the location for your test is at your Class 3 Driving School in Calgary, Alberta,  where you have done your truck driver training.

 C   Reversing :  A 90 degree blind side backup needs to be performed in order to pass the test. It has to be in one shot (try) and Maximum of 3 attempts are permitted, depending upon how many points student loose while driving on the Roads. If too many Driving Errors are done on the road, you may get only one try during the Class 3 Road Test in Calgary, Alberta


I have been trained very well by my trainer mr.Amneet bhullar ji .i have cleared my class 3 in one go.thanks to all .

Amit Kumar

“Globe Driving Academy Team did the great job. I got my class 3 license in first try. Highly recommended for class 3 training.”

Ram D

Professional driving school with best instructors and best customer service …i passed my exam in first attempt.

H Sibia