Defensive Driving Course Calgary

Defensive Driving Training Classes to reduce demerits points are provided by Globe Driving School


Classroom equipped with Latest Tools and Computers.


Instructor with Experience of conducting Defensive Driving Classes


Case studies for demonstrations


Road training with defensive driving classes also available


Defensive driving skills that put you in control


Defensive Driving Course

An interactive, multi-media course that will enhance your safety and awareness on the road.

Demerit Points Reduction

Reduces your demerits points on the driving license which in turn may help in reducing the insurance cost of your vehicle.

Defensive Driving Course Overview

Defensive Driving Course provided by Globe Driving School will guide you through all aspects of safe and defensive driving, from basic driver safety and vehicle safety to hazards on the roads and controlling the vehicle. After completion of this course, you should be able to understand how to identify and minimize driving hazards. Main elements of the defensive driving course :
Introduction and Foundations of Defensive Driving
The Driver (Psychological factor and attitude)
Dealing with Intersections & other Right of Way Regulations
How Passing in a right manner otherwise it may Lead to Collisions and Related Psychology
Aggressive Drivers and How to Avoid Being One.
Safety Equipment
How to try to avoid a collision even if another driver is at fault
Province and federal traffic laws

Globe Driving School also provides you the option of completing your Defensive Driving Course online instead of in the classroom.

CLASSROOM FEE: $125.00 plus GST

ONLINE FEE: $125.00 plus GST

Experienced Defensive Driving Instructor

Our professional Instructor Nizar Lakha is well known in the diving industry and has successfully conducted hundreds of defensive driving classes. He will enlighten the worst of the possibilities which may occur, and advise the best responses possible.

Who should attend a demerit reduction course in Calgary

This training focuses on the basic rules of the road, such as rules for turning, yield, stopping, intersection and safe driving attitudes. for reducing the dangers associated with driving. Driving skills are improved during this course, also known as the Demerits reduction course, for minimizing the chances of collisions on the road. Advance driver training is done on the roads of Calgary to familiarize students with Alberta Driving rules and daily hurdles without compromising safety measures. After the completion of the demerit points reduction course, you can apply for the removal of 3 demerit points from your driving record.

Why Globe Driving School Provides the best Defensive Driving Training

Leading Driving School in Calgary has been providing defensive driving classes by experienced instructor Nisar Lakha for the last many years. Alberta transportation approved defensive driver training is provided to become safe drivers. We provide training to anybody who wants is learn driving safely or the company employees who are required by regulations to have a mandatory defensive driving course before joining the Driving Industry.

What are some examples of  Defensive Driving

Pay attention: Scan your surroundings
Do not depend on other drivers
Apply the minimum 2-second following distance rule for small and 4 seconds for large vehicles
Keep your speed down
Drive as per road and weather conditions
Have an escape route.
Expect the unexpected
Dont get distracted

Does this Course help in the reduction of Demerit Points

In Alberta, the Demerit Points system exists as per the Traffic Safety Act. As the traffic violations happen on the road, demerit points are accumulated and which may result in the suspension of Driving License. Approved training provided by the best driving school, Globe Driving School, may help in reducing up to 3 demerit points. Demerit point reduction is one of the driving courses provided by leading driving schools. After the course completion, you can apply for 3 demerit point reduction at a nearby Alberta Transportation certified registry.

Where can I find the Demerit Points Reduction Defensive Driving Course in SE Calgary?

The top-rated Defensive Driving School is located in Shepard Business Park SE Calgary, near the intersection of Glenmore and Stoney Trail.  Call us at @5879681616. We have students from Chestermere, Okotoks, HighRiver, Black Diamond, SW Calgary, and nearby southern Alberta areas. Neighborhoods of Forest Lawn, Erinwoods, Dover, Applewood, or Copperfield are near our Truck Training Academy. Also if you live in Okotoks, High River,  Black Diamond, Brag Creek Nanton, or nearby areas,  after Hwy 2 Alberta, you may take Stoney East and the Glenmore East exit to reach the quality and affordable resource for Defensive Driving Course in Calgary, Alberta. 

Approved Defensive Driving Course in calgary

Sometimes called Demerit Points Reduction Course is a one  day course conducted in the classroom of Globe Driving School.


Conducted by veteran Defensive Driving Instructor


Helps in reducing your demerit points


Recommended for anyone who wants to drive safely on roads


Manadatory for all commercial vehicle drivers