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Globe Driving School provides class 2 license Bus Driver training in the city of Calgary


Class 2 license training


MELT Program (Class 2)


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Classroom Education

Class 2 MELT Classes are conducted in a modern classroom of Driving School


Behind The Wheel

1 to 1 in-vehicle lesson of Class 2 license training provided by an experienced instructor.

Class 2 license Calgary Alberta

Class 2 license is needed to drive buses in Alberta. A person who has this license is permitted to drive :

  • A bus
  • Class 1 and 6 type vehicles, for learner only
  • any motor vehicle, or combination of vehicles, that the holder of Class 3, 4 and 5 operator’s licence may operate

The age requirement for the license is 18


How to get class 2 license in Calgary alberta

To earn a Class 2 license, you need to follow the following steps :

1. Fulfil the basic Requirements :
Must have minimum class 5 license
You must be 18 years of age

2. From a recognized driving school Calgary, complete the MELT Class 2 Lessons and Air Brake Course

3. Pass the knowledge test and Air Brake exam from a nearby registry.

4. Medical examination Report by certified Doctor

5. Take the class 2 road test :
After completion of Full course, copy of your Class 2 medical examination and Vision Assessment, verification of completion of the knowledge and Air Brake (Q) endorsement knowledge tests and your school’s certificate of completion of MELT (class 2) training is required to book road test.


Course content and fee structure for Bus driving training (class 2 license) in Calgary 

Globe Driving School is one of a few driving school in Calgary, which provides Class 2 license MELT, bus driving training. The bus driving course includes classroom training as well as one-to-one classes on Bus.

Classroom modules

  • Employment in the Busing Industry & Vehicle Components and Inspection Activities
  • Basic Driving Techniques
  • Professional driving habits
  • Off-Road Tasks and Maneuvers
  • Documents, Paperwork and Regulatory Requirements & Hours of Service Compliance
  • Passenger Management, Loading, Unloading & Transporting Passengers
  • Handling Emergencies

Fee :   $4500.00 + GST

Class 2 MELT Bus Driver Training Calgary : Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Class 2 Road Test components ?

  • Following is included in the Road Test :

    1 Pre Trip Inspection : This includes Circle Check and running commentary of vehicles parts inspected. Student need to perform under the hood of bus inspection too. Time limit for the same is 35 minutes without Air Brake and 45 with Air Brake Inspection.

    2  Driving Test : Alberta Transportation certified Examiner tests your driving skills and takes you to nearby light to congested traffic. Turns, Lane and Changing, Traffic Lights, speeding and other skills are tested on the Road. Maneuvers like hill parking, Passenger loading/unloading, uncontrolled railway crossing also need to be performed to pass the class 2 Bus Road test. Bus Driving period is almost 30 to 45 minutes on the road, depending upon the traffic, road conditions and Route.

    3  Backup / Turnaround : One parallel offset backup maneuver and another blindside turnaround is required to demonstrate the student’s ability to reverse the Bus. 20 Minutes are allotted to complete both of these backing maneuvers.  Mostly reversing is done in the yard of Bus Driving School.

    What is the S Endorsement for Class 2 license ?

    • S-Endorsement is needed to drive a school bus. Some of the additional components student learn to get S Endorsement on Class 2 Bus driving license are strob light, Alternating lights, Stop Signs and Uncontrolled Railway Crossings.

If any further information is needed regarding the class 2 bus driving course, you can visit our office in Shepard Business Park SE Calgary, near the intersection of Stoney Trail and Glenmore Trail or call us @5879681616 

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