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Class 1 License training in Calgary, Alberta

You will need to get a Class 1 Licence if you want to be a truck driver in Alberta. It will open many options for driving careers.

You can drive any vehicle or a combination of vehicles with a Class 1 license, the only exception being a motorcycle that could be driven as a learner only. To drive a motorcycle you need to have a class 6 license.

Class 1 license training requirements for alberta

Alberta Transportation requires that any applicant for class 1 MELT License, meets the following requirements to start the training:

1. At least 18 years of age

2. Have a minimum non-probationary (Class 5) non-GDL Alberta license.

3. The applicant has to undergo a medical and visual test from a certified Physician and get Alberta Drivers Medical Examination report to be eligible to start the training.


How long does truck Driver training take

Class 1 MELT License training program was implemented by Alberta Transportation as of March 1, 2019.

The Class 1 Driver Training Program is made up of multiple components: In-yard training, classroom training and one to one behind-the-wheel training. Each module has a set amount of hours required to be completed in order to be successful with the MELT program. The total number of hours, including Air Brakes, is 121.5. The maximum no. of hrs a student can do in a day is four. If you already have the Air Brake endorsement, it will be 113 hrs.
It takes around four to six weeks to complete the training. Experienced instructors at the best truck driving school try to help you till you pass your MELT program road test. Driving school Calgary 


Class 1 MELT License training: Course contents and cost

Globe Driving School, the premier truck driving school, provides one of the best Class 1 Mandatory Entry Level (MELT)  License training in Calgary:

With Air Brake Course

(4 – 6 weeks/121.5 hrs.) – $8,950.00 + GST

57 hours – behind-the-wheel in-truck training

17.5 hours – in-yard training

47 hours – in-classroom training

If you have already completed the Air Brakes Course Training, and have either the “Q” endorsement on your driver’s licence or a valid Air Brake endorsement certificate, you would complete the MELT without the Air Brakes. Price and details are listed below:

Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) without Air Brake Program

(4 – 6 weeks/113 hrs.) – $8,750 +  GST

57 hours – behind-the-wheel in-truck training

40.5 hours – in-classroom training

15.5 hours – in-yard training


Steps in Class 1 driving test in Alberta

Students can book MELT program driving tests after completion of the course and when they have passed the knowledge test. In order to become a safe and, responsible truck driver the following steps are followed in the Class 1 driving test :
1. Pre-Trip Inspection: The yard part covers the following modules :
a: Under the hood inspection
b: Uncoupling and Coupling
c: Circle Check
d: Air Brake Inspection
The above part needs to be completed in 1 Hr.
2. Driving
Examiners test the skills on a manual (standard) truck in about 30 minutes to 1 hr of the driving test. The student has to demonstrate a high level of proficiency while driving a truck trailer in order to pass the road test.
3. Reversing (back-up) :
Two different types of reversing need to be done in 20 minutes as asked by the Alberta Transportation certified Examiner.
At Globe Driving School, the leading Class 1 driving school in SE Calgary, experienced instructors provide new students with the required driver training so that they pass their road test on the first try.

Job opportunities for class 1 driving school students at Globe Driving School

Truck Drivers are always in demand and we at Globe Driving School, the best class 1 driving school in Calgary, have built a strong relationship with some of the top trucking companies. Once you complete the commercial driver training program and pass the road test and are interested to begin your career as a truck driver, we recommend you contact our manager, who will be more than happy to assist you in finding a job. With some conditions like minimum extra training and depending upon the attitude of the commercial driver, there is a high probability that companies will hire you at a decent wage.

For more information plz visit our office in Shepard Business Park in SE Calgary, near the intersection of Glenmore Trail and Stoney Trail or call us @5879681616.



“Just got my class 1 melt license in first attempt. Thanks raman sir for all the detailed lessons. I really enjoyed learning from you and sartaj sir. Glad i went with this school. This school is highly recommended.

Thank you again.

Ranjeet Dhaliwal

Best MELT truck class 1 training by Globe driving academy. Instructors perry minhas and sartaj were very helpful. Highly recommended.”

Jagsir Toor