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Pursuing a career as a truck driver is a great decision if you’re looking for stable work and excellent pay. But nobody becomes a trucker overnight. You’ll need plenty of training in order to earn your class 1 License before becoming a trucker, and  Calgary Truck Driving School, Globe Driving School is here to help. As one of the premier trucking schools in Calgary, we offer comprehensive one-on-one instruction for entering the trucking industry and earning your Class 1 license or, putting you on the road for a successful trucking career.
Professional truck driver training including Air brake course (Q-Endorsement) is provided to become a new commercial driver.

Job Placement -Globe Driving School- Calgary

It’s well-established fact that being a trucker is a lucrative career. There are plenty of benefits to becoming a truck driver, including:

  • Above-average annual salary
  • Job stability and security
  • Flexible hours

Globe Driving School job placement program will help you take advantage of these benefits and more. We work with some of the transportation industry’s biggest companies in Calgary to find great jobs for our graduates, providing you with the connections you need for a successful career as a trucker.

Become a Professional Truck Driver

The trucking industry is a vital part of the Canadian economy, and companies are always searching for qualified drivers. As a student at Globe Driving School, the best truck driving school Calgary, you’ll gain all the skills you need to start an amazing career as a truck driver. We provide comprehensive one-on-one instruction, truck driving skill tests, and helpful study materials to prepare you for the Truck Driver Training.

Truck Driving Lessons Calgary

Various classroom and road truck driver training lessons are provided to train anybody willing to gain knowledge in the field of Trucking. At Globe Driving School, one of the finest truck driving school Alberta, we provide brush-up classes for road truck training as well as classroom coaching for various topics related to the trucking industry. Truck rental is available for class 3 and class 1 road test to be conducted by Alberta Transportation certified examiner to assess the issuance of driver’s license. A student must pass the Knowledge test and air brake q endorsement during truck driver training and before class 1 road test.

Load Securement Training in Calgary 

Load Securement training course explains how to maintain a safe and legal load when transporting equipment and goods, according to the North American Cargo Securement Act.

  • Here’s what you will learn:
  • The National Safety Code rules and regulations
  • Proper use of equipment
  • Working load limits
  • Gross vehicle weight
  • Weight adjustment
  • Adjustment of the fifth wheel and trailer axles
  • Load protection
  • Log Book Training

    Globe Driving School provides a 4-hour Log Book training course, in which you will learn about provincial, federal and US “Hours of Service” regulations including all the related updates. 

    Regulations for a truck driver that define the maximum driving time and minimum off-duty times are called hours of service. These drivers include truckers but also those who operate buses. At Truck Driving lessons in Calgary we explain that the hours of service help prevent dangerous fatigue-related incidents from happening. Carriers must include information about drivers’ hours of service laws in their safety programs.


    Brush Up Truck Driving Classes

    Brush-up lessons for truck driving are provided by Globe Driving School. 

    These classes are for those who just want to refresh their driving skills. Some of you already have a license but need some training to join the industry. Also advised by trucking company where you work to hone the driving skills, these quick classes are very useful.  These lessons consist of two hours of driving in a truck-trailer with a skilled instructor.

    Our brush up courses is available Mondays – Saturdays.


    Globe Driving School-Best Truck Driving School in Calgary

    With years of driver training experience, Globe Driving School has established itself as one of the leading Truck Driving Schools in SE Calgary and nearby cities of Highriver, Okotoks, Chestermere in Alberta. There are many reasons why our students keep referring us to all of their friends and families for class 1 License training:

    1. Providing a progressive learning atmosphere for all our Class 1 license students

    2. Safety as no. 1 priority is instilled in each and every student who takes admission for Truck Driving Training.

    3. Providing our driving students with personal attention and care.

    4.  Investing in our staff, the latest equipment and technology.

    5. Investing in our Class 1 MELT license students to ensure their perfection in the truck drivers training.

    6. Genuinely listening to our students and community members and getting their feedback to improve the driver training standards.

    7. Helping our class 1 license students who pass the road test and looking for a job.

    8. Located in Shepard Business park, on Enterprise Way SE, we are easily accessible from Stoney and Glenmore Trail in the SE Quadrant of Calgary.

    The Fine Side of Truck Driving School

    How precise is the truck driving school?
    Handling heavy vehicles such as trucks is much more different than other transports. The right skills and familiarity with the trucks can be achieved with the assistance of Truck Driving Lessons in Calgary. For those who want to earn new openings in the truck driving sector, experts of the driving school are keen on providing the utmost learning.

    What can we learn in driving school?

    In the Trucking training sessions, the students are provided with a classroom for theoretical training. Along with that, field lessons are given, which are beneficial for drivers to get the ideal control over the vehicle. Here are a few things that would be taught to the students professionally once the student is behind the wheel
    1. The driving school will be guiding the safety measures to the students.
    2. The idea about the intensity of loads during transportation would be passed to the trainees.
    3. The security measures at the time of load-carrying will be fetched too.
    To set up a truck driving career, the driving school offers various learning provisions such as reading materials, driving tests, and truck operating instructions. Combining all these valuable stuff is ample for the trainees to establish themselves and turn out as professionals in the truck driver.

    Components of Class 1 Road Test

    Students , in order to get Class 1 MELT Truck Driving license, need to demostrate professional Driving Skills to Alberta Government Certified Commercial Driver Examiner.

    Road Test Components of Class 1 Truck Driving Test in Alberta:

    Duration :  120 Minutes (Apprx.)

    A  Pretrip Inspection:  Including Under the hood, Student gives running commentary in English while checking Vehicle’s Components. Commment on the items being inspected and actions being performed. UnCoupling and Coupling of truck and trailer and Air Brakes Inspection is also performed in this component of the Road Test. In most of the cases, test is conducted at your Truck Driving School.

    B   Driving :  Professional Driving skills are tested on the Road, where vehicle is driven on various intersections, City Roads and Highways. You may be asked to do uphill and Downhill parking. Driving period may vary from 30 to 50 minutes depending upon the route, Traffic and Road Conditions at that time of the day. Your control over the vehicle, knowledge of traffic lights and signals, safe driving habits,  lane driving and changing, Right of way on the streets and other driving related skills will be tested. Effective February 1st, 2023, student may choose Automatic or manual transmission depending upon his driver training in Truck driving school or his own prefrence

     C   Reversing :  2 backups, one 90 degree blind side backup and another parallel offset parking need to be perfomed in order to pass the test. It is a restricted area parking and if the student hit the cone or crosses the boundary, it will lead to disqualification in Truck Driving Road Test in Calgary, Alberta

    Get accurate talent with Globe Driving School Calgary

    Apart from being the top-rated truck driving school Calgary, Globe Driving School has got years of practice. We keep the precautions in the first place in our heads before initiating any training to the apprentices. The clients or learners who have acquired our services have benefited from innovative tools and standardized training modes. Alberta Transportation certified truck driving courses and defensive driving courses by the best driving instructors in the transportation industry try to make sure that you pass the knowledge test and road test in the first attempt. Give us a call if you are seeking quality driving classes. Your truck driver permit will not be very far if you join hands with the Globe Driving School.
    For more information regarding the truck driving school in SE Calgary and also know about class 3 license and Air Brake (Q Endorsement ) plz call or text 587 968 1616. Our email address is :  Alternatively, you can visit our office during office hrs in Shepard Business Park near the intersection of Glenmore and Stoney Trail in Calgary Ab.


    ALBERTA TRANSPORATION Approved Truck Driving School

    Globe Driving School, Calgary providing exceptional truck driving lessons to new as well as experienced Drivers is known for the quality of education being imparted to students.

    Globe Driving School, Calgary was established by Sartaj Pannu, a well-known name in the trucking industry and has over one and a half decade-long association with the trucking field as a hardcore trucker and as Sr. Instructor.  The Truck driving school provides professional training for class 1 license, for Calgary, High River, Chestermere, Nanton and Okotoks residents. Every year dozens of students take truck driving lessons with us! Our dedicated instructors will offer professional assistance for you to get your truck driver license permit as well as the actual hands-on practice. We get you trained, licensed and offer job placement assistance. We offer both in-classroom and in-vehicle training either full-time, Monday through Friday (9:00 am to 7:00 pm) or part-time weekends Saturday and Sunday (9:00 am-7:00 pm)!

    Yes, We work with your schedules!



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