Air Brake Course Calgary


Alberta Transportation Certified Facility


Small batch size of class


Extensive Practical Training


Professional and Experienced instructors


Classroom Education

6.5 Hrs of Classroom Training is provided covering all modules of Air Brake System Covering parts and Functioning.


Yard Training

2 Hrs of Yard training, explaining working and components of Air Brake System.

What is Air Brake

Air brakes are used mostly in commercial vehicles, mainly those with trailers that must be linked into the brake system, such as trucks, trailers, buses, and semi-trailers. Also, these brakes are used in railroad trains. The air brake system on a commercial motor vehicle, or semi-truck as commonly referred to, uses compressed air to create friction to slow the wheel down. The system uses air as a source of power and as the supply of air is in abundance, this is considered more reliable as compared to the hydraulic brake system which is used in smaller vehicles.

Who needs to do Air Brake Course in Calgary


To Oprate any vehicle equipped with Air Brakes


Class 1 (Truck Driving students)


Class 2 (Bus Driving Students)


Class 3 License training students


All MELT Students


Any one wants to learn Air Brakes

Air brake training calgary

How do I get my Air Brake License (q-endorsement) in CALGARY

Following are 4 easy steps to get Q-Endorsement (Air Brake certification) :
1. Complete the Air Brakes Course Training from Alberta Transportation certified leading driving school Globe Driving School, Calgary.
2. Attend the practical yard part of Air Brakes.
3. Pass the practical test in 2 attempts and get the certificate from School.
4. Visit a nearby Registry and appear for the knowledge test. You can appear for a knowledge test as many times as you want but every time you have to pay a registry fee.
Once you pass the Knowledge test you are Certified and get Alberta q-Endorsement on your License.

How do I Pass my Knowledge Test

In the Air Brake Knowledge Test, there are 30 questions and you have to do 24 correct to pass the exam.

1. Listen to the Instructor carefully with full attention in the class.

2. Do class assignments sincerely

3. Learn components, and functioning in the yard part of the practical Air Brake Training Course.

4. Ask any questions you have during your Q-Endorsement training from your Air Brake Instructor, who is more than willing to help you out.

5. Do some mock questions from YouTube, as recommended by your Instructor.

6. Read the Air Brake Manual Carefully provided in the training class and do exercises given at the end of each chapter. Never forget to do the Alberta Q Endorsement practice test before visiting the nearby Registry in your neighborhood of Forest Lawn, Macleod Trail, Shawnessy, Seton, Riverbend, or Southland in SE Calgary.

What is the difference between Q-Endorsement and Air Brake Course

Anyone willing to operate a vehicle equipped with Air Brakes has to do complete a Training Course from a recognized School. In Alberta, Air Brake Certification is called Q-Endorsement as you might have information that in Ontario this certification is called z-endorsement. So you get Q-Endorsement on your license and are qualified to operate any vehicle once you complete and pass the Air brake Course.

Air Brake Training: Course contents and details

Best Air Brake training (Q-endorsement)  is provided by Globe Driving School, the leading truck driving school Calgary, includes the following course contents :

1. Fundamentals of Brakes in vehicles

2. Air brake system components

3. Functioning of Air Brakes System

4. Pre-trip inspection and adjustments

5. Understanding the working of the Air brake system in the yard on a tractor-trailer.

Driving School Calgary


Components of Air Brake System

Following are the components :

1. Compressor

2. Governor

3. Air tanks

4. Air Lines

5. Foundation brakes

6. Brake paddle

What is the fee structure for the air brake training course at Globe Driving School?

As of now, we charge $200+GST per student for the training package. The following is included in the course fees:

Training Manual
Minimum of 6.5 hours of in-class instruction
2 hrs of Practical training in the yard
Two attempts of a Practical Test
Receipt of Air Brake Q-Endorsement Certificate Practical Test once results are successful.

Once you pass the training part at Globe Driving School, you will appear for the knowledge test at the registry and the fee for Air Brake written test is extra and is not included in our fee. Q-endorsement is a pre-requisite for all MELT students to appear for the driver training road tests. Driving School in Calgary provides the best truck driver training to pass air brake q endorsement and the class 1 truck driving road test in the first attempt.

Why Globe Driving School is the best Air Brake Training School in Calgary

Operating from Calgary, Alberta location, Globe Driving School offers a comprehensive air brake course to students from Highriver, Chestermere, Okotoks, Nanton and nearby areas. We are fully qualified to teach students the ins and outs of safely maneuvering air brake-operated vehicles.

1. Experienced and friendly Alberta Transportation certified Instructors
2. Our program provides in-depth lessons related to the control of air brake-operated vehicles, as well as pre-trip requirements, and the road test.

3. We guide you through the process of obtaining Air Brake Endorsement (Q) for your driver’s license.

4.  Training by trucking industry professionals who have reached the mark of excellence. They don’t just work, they love explaining the details of the system.

5. As our driving school Calgary has a high pass percentage in class 1 license training truck driver students, Air Brakes are explained fully in the practical training part of the road test.

Do you know where I can find quality and affordable Q Endorsement  Air Brake Training near me in SE Calgary?

Anyone who drives a vehicle fitted with an air brake system or an air-over-hydraulic brake system is required to have a Q endorsement on his or her driver’s license. Globe Truck Driving School hosts Alberta Transportation’s  8.5-hour Air Brake course every weekend (excluding holidays). We are located on Enterprise Way SE, in Shepard Business Park, near the intersection of Stoney and Glenmore Trail SE Calgary Ab. If you are coming from SE or SW Calgary, you need to take Glenmore Trail East towards our yard. Nearby we have other industrial areas like East Shepard Industrial, Foothills Industrial Park, GreatPlains, and Starfield.

For more information, pls call 5879681616

Approved Air Brake Course in Calgary

Best Air Brake Training in Calgary provided by Experienced and dedicated faculty


Experienced and Professional Instructor


Well Equipped classroom


Max class size of 15 students